Huawei Prism for T-Mobile leaked, crosses FCC

A few weeks ago, an internal T-Mobile image was leaked, and it showed us the HTC Ville and Huawei Prism, along with a possible April release. Now the Prism has finally made it to the FCC, and the guys over at TmoNews got their hands on a leaked shot. Right now, not much is known about the Prism, but what we know is that it will come with HSPA+ bands, microSD support and a 1,400mAh battery.

Keep in mind that it’s not a high-end device, and the press image is suggesting that it’s a small device running on Gingerbread, probably featuring a single-core processor. Hopefully we will see this device again before its rumored April launch.

So is anyone looking forward to the Prism? Do you think Huawei should give up in the phone market? Sound off in the comments!

Source TmoNews