I Have a Palm, I Wanted an iPhone, I Ordered an Android……Why??

Yes, I have a Palm Centro and honestly until I saw my first iPhone, I liked it.  My major complaints with the Palm were the  tiny screen, the terrible web browser and the lack of apps.  The keyboard keys are very tiny but since I used the sides of my gel reinforced french manicured thumbs, I never had any problems texting.  As my first “smart phone,” it was not too bad.

But life goes on and technology changes by leaps and bounds everyday.  Not only am I the Technology Coordinator in a school but I also have two teenage children, so I am always being bombarded with the latest and greatest in gadgets.  Both of my kids wanted iPod touches and I was instantly intrigued by the apps.  You can’t imagine how many practices I sit at twiddling my thumbs when I could be tweeting.  My Centro was starting to aggravate me.  I wanted a new phone.  I wanted an iPhone.

So you are probably saying to yourself, OK go buy one. Well I am a Verizon Wireless customer and, with three phones on my plan, switching to AT&T wasn’t an option.  My small glimmer of hope on the horizon was a rumor that the iPhone was coming to Verizon.  Well there must be some way I can confirm this.  Let me think…  Podcasts!!!!  So I went to my trusty iTunes account and searched the store for any podcasts that had to do with mobile phones.  I listened to a great one called “Mobile Tech Roundup.”  To my surprise, I didn’t learn about the imminent release of the iPhone on Verizon but a mobile operating system called Android.

Wow, Android.  Isn’t that the new phone by Verizon??  So back to iTunes I went to search for any podcasts having to do with Android.  I downloaded a few and really enjoyed one called “AndroidGuys.”  These guys had such a passion for Android I couldn’t help but get excited right along with them.  They were actually telling me that there is an alternative to the iPhone out there, so I had to go check it out for myself.

At my local Verizon Wireless store, I picked up a Droid and starting “playing with it.”  This Android operating system seemed really cool and the sales rep assured me that the Android Market was just as good, if not better, then the iPhone (although I wasn’t sure I believed him).  I just didn’t like the form factor of the Droid.  It was big and heavy and I wasn’t a fan of its physical keyboard.  The Eris looked more like the iPhone, but I couldn’t see the point of buying a phone with Android 1.5 on it.  This would just mean that I would have to wait for the update, and really, who likes waiting?

So back to my AndroidGuys I went and was enticed with geeky words like 1 Ghz Snapdragon processors,  8gb of internal memory, 8 mp cameras, AMOLED displays and open source.  Now I needed an Android phone.  I didn’t want the Droid or the Eris but my AndroidGuys, keeping me on top of the rumor mill, helped me with my decision.  I was holding out for either the Nexus One or the HTC Incredible.  The first one to Verizon wins!!

I am happy to report that I have pre-ordered Verizon’s Droid Incredible and am anxiously awaiting its delivery to my doorstep on April 29th.  I am looking forward to leaping head first the Android community.  Android seems to be the wave of the future and I have my surfboard ready.

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