IDs, loyalty cards, and third-party passes coming to Google Wallet

Robin Dua, head of project management for Google Wallet, talked about some new features that Google Wallet users might see in the near future. Dua said that he wants Google Wallet users to have the ability to store gift cards, travel itinerary, receipts, tickets and much more. In a nutshell, anything and everything that eliminates the need for a physical wallet.

Personally, I’m still trying to weigh the pros and cons of even using Google Wallet. One major con might pop up in the event that your phone gets stolen, with all your credit cards and financial information at the thief’s disposal. Likewise, what would happen in the event that your Google account gets hacked? Of course, these are just speed bumps on the road to mobile payments

Back to the rumors, Dua didn’t give a specific date for all the new features, but hopefully we will be seeing them soon. At any rate, stay tuned to AndroidGuys for all the latest news on Google Wallet!

So are you excited to hear about the future of Google Wallet? Anyone else still skeptical about Google Wallet in general? Drop a comment below!

Source YoutubeDroiddog