New and Improved Evernote 2.0

Evernote has released a new work-up of their app!  Evernote allows users to “TAG” favorite web pages, photos,notes and upload/store them online for access anywhere you have the web. With the new UI makeover Evernote is better than ever, faster, sleeker. Now with an even cooler looking widget!
My favorite use of this app is to tag web pages. My bookmark page is HUGE on my browser. With this app I now have a great way to store all my favorite web pages for viewing later
Evernote further extends Androids possibilities with this useful app. Take notes, snapshots and tag your life in the digital age. With the new search and sort features Evernote makes it easier to find you bookmarks or notes. So if you like to have access to your stuff anywhere with or without your device this app is worth a try. Available Free on the Market. *Premium users get larger storage, larger uploads and more features for $5.00 a month or $45.00 a year. My suggestion “Try before you buy”
Download from AppBrain here

See video for Evernote in action.