Installing APK Files Gets Simplified with ‘installAPK’ and ‘APK2EXE’

apk2exeA majority of Android users are content to use the market as their means of getting apps.  It’s easy to click on the shopping bag and find the games and utilities that everyone is talking about.  What happens when you want Wi-Fi tethering or other apps that don’t end up in the Android Market?  Sure, you can install the .APK files from outside sources, but’s not the easiest process in the world.  We now have a pair of viable solutions.

We got tipped yesterday from @paulatmodaco regarding his new app called ‘installAPK‘ which really streamlines the whole process.  After installing the program on your computer, users can double click APK files to install them on your USB attached Android handsets.  It’s that easy!  Of course, the app is in beta, so you may encounter an occasional glitch.

Today, Paul makes it possible for the app developer to distribute apps in executable (.EXE) format.  It takes a tad bit more work to do this, but the ends are justified by the means.  Swing by the Modaco Forums and check out APK2EXE!