Is Amazon working on a $99 7-inch Kindle Fire HD?

Amazon seems to be on a tablet price slashing spree lately, and the latest news seems to continue the trend. According to, it is rumored that a $99 Kindle Fire 7″ tablet is in production, and will be shipping this year. The new Kindle Fire HD will still have a TI processor like the rest of the lineup, and will have a 1280×800 resolution, just like today’s Kindle Fire HD 7″ currently does.

amazon kindle 7in tablet

Is Amazon just trying to quickly move out stock, or do they have something else up their sleeves? No matter what the situation, it is definitely working in favor of the consumer. Earlier this month, Amazon announced reduced prices on its Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ devices. The Wi-Fi-only version will cost $269, down from $299, while the LTE version dropped from $499 to $399.

You may think $99 is a joke, but IDC Research Director on Tablets, Tom Mainelli, says otherwise. According to Mr. Mainelli, he believes this year tablets running Google’s Android operating system will overtake the iPad for the first time, and the price seems very reasonable. (The Amazon Kindle Fire, of course, uses its own version of Android.)

In the end, the possibility of a $99 Kindle Fire HD is just a rumor, but one we can’t ignore. Amazon denies that such a price drop will be happening, so all we can do is wait patiently and see what will happen.