Is this LG’s first ever Ice Cream Sandwich phone?

It’s been quite some time since LG announced a new powerful Android device. It seems that they’re getting ready for another powerhouse, as GSM-Arena got their hands on the LG U1, supposedly LG’s first ever Ice Cream Sandwich device. Although LG announced that some of their Android devices like the Optimus 2X will receive Android 4.0, a lot of people are looking for a brand new device. Word on the street is that this device will be exclusive to Korea, where it will be launched by LG’s very own mobile network service known as LG U+. So the name “U1” also suggests that it will be exclusive  to the network, but we’re hoping that LG will bring this device to the States eventually.

I have to admit, the thin bezel makes it sexier than many other LG Android phones. The bad news is that we don’t know when this mouth-watering device is hitting the shelves, but you can expect it later this year.

So tell us, do you like this new leaked LG device? Hope it comes to more countries outside of Korea? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Source Pocket-Lint