Could June 19 be Froyo Rollout Day?

The graphic pictured to the left is part of a leaked T-Mobile corporate presentation and it pertains to  the upcoming June 2nd launch of the My Touch 3G Slide.  Engadget Mobile has what appears to be the complete roll out plans from T-Mobile corporate are laid out in an interactive slideshow. Especially interesting in the graphic to the left is the statement that during all the launch activities for the MT3G Slide, June 19th is a big day.  Could this be the day that Froyo rolls out to its first handset?

It would certainly fit what we have been hearing about the official OTA, and it would certainly add the excitement of the launch of this handset if it would be getting Android 2.2 so soon after launch.Stay tuned as we explore this and hear more about what is so big about June 19 for this device.

The long and short of the rest of the article talks about how much time and money T-Mobile is pouring into this latest iteration of the My Touch series.  They are planing a major media push, along with recruiting 2200 “champions” that will be super educated on the handset.  Their demographic is families, especially dads as they are launching near Father’s Day. They are also making a major play to make sure that their store employees are pushing the special branded accessories to sell along with the handset.

What is interesting is that Endgadget points out the fact that perhaps the My Touch line is T-Mo’s effort to replace the Sidekick line that they lost when the Danger team went to work on the Kin device.  This has long been thought to be the case, that is until the whole Project Emerald rumor mill started up.  Project Emerald is rumored to be a new Android powered Sidekick device, one that has some pretty cool specs and would help to put T-Mo back on the map as far as the handset game goes.

Either way, we are going to be inundated with My Touch 3g Slide info as the launch window approaches.  Stay tuned as we get closer to launch date.