Korea Hopefully Getting Paid Apps Soon (UPDATED)

UPDATE:  The App Store in Korea has gone live for paid apps, a quote from the Android Developers Blog:

As of today, Android Market is open for business to application buyers in the Republic of Korea. We hope that this will make the outstanding Android devices now available in that nation even more useful and fun. We welcome the people of Korea, acknowledged everywhere as one of the world’s most-wired societies, to the world of Android.

This is great news for Korea and the Android community as a whole, hopefully we will see Google open up to more countries soon!

Source: Android Developers Blog

There has been some interesting movement in the Korean smartphone market in regards to Android in the past week. As you may or may not know, Google currently allows no paid apps on the Korean Android Market, which is puzzling since some of the best Android handsets hit that area of the world first.

In a posting on their official Korea Blog that they now say was a mistake, Google said that they were going to be allowing paid apps on Korea’s version of the Market.  This posting was taken down an hour later with a note saying it had been a mistake.  This threw the media outlets over there into a state of confusion, which led to a clarifying statement from a Google Korea official:

“Nothing has been confirmed, but the idea is to have the Android Market contain paid apps within July. There will be another notice on our blog.”

This is a pretty encouraging statement for Android users in Korea!  A side note to consider is that Google has an interesting habit of opening up paid apps to more than one country at a go, so it will be interesting to see if other countries will be getting paid apps at the same time as Korea.  We will keep on eye on the developments on this story as time goes on.