Kyobo e-Reader features Mirasol display, expects 3 week battery life

How would you like to measure your Android’s battery life in terms of weeks instead of days or hours?  That may soon be a reality thanks to Mirasol Mems technology which promises up to three weeks of life and uses no backlight.  One of the first devices to offer this display technology, the Kyobo Book Centre, has landed in the real world and Netbook News was able to check it out.  Hardware includes a 5.7-inch 1024×768 display, a single-core 1GHz Qualcomm S2 processor, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Putting that aside, what did they think of the screen technology?

Video playback came in just under 30 frames per second which they found to be good enough for average viewing however gaming enthusiasts will not be impressed.  Given the technology is geared more toward eReaders, it would be more than sufficient for books, magazines, and general video (no YouTube HD).

Colors were described as decent but not vibrant and viewing angles were less than impressive.  The glossy display affected color brilliance in sunlight however it’s not essential to be glossy for mobile devices.  Results will ultimately vary depending on what hardware makers decide to do with it.

We likely won’t see anything in the ways of Mirasol devices until the second half of 2012 but partner announcements may come in the next few weeks at CES.  The eReader in the video will retail for roughly $310.00 (US) with the option to get a discounted one for $265 assuming you live in Korea and have a Kyobo loyalty rewards membership.