Larry Page hints at rugged Motorola devices

Yesterday, Google officially announced their first 2013 quarterly earnings, and according to Google’s CEO Larry Page,they  had a very strong start to 2013, with $14.0 billion in revenue, up 31% year-on-year – Motorola Mobile revenues were $1.02 billion, which is less as compared to last quarter revenue.

But there’s something else that’s more catchy here, and it is when Larry Page was talking about Motorola at the earnings call yesterday where he mentioned that he’s excited to see the potential there, and he also talked about problems with current hardware, for example short battery life, shattered screens, phones breaking when users accidentally drop them – Page said that it shouldn’t happen as these things are a weak point of any smartphone. What’s to catch here is that upcoming Motorola phones will be featuring improvements in these mentioned weak points. We have heard a lot about the ‘X-Phone‘ and Eric Schmidt  recently teased about the upcoming Motorola devices, such as calling them ‘phenomenal’.

So the X-phone might be a rugged device, but not a bulky one, but more like with the Xperia Z strong body and battery like the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. We heard that the phone will be out later this year, right around holiday season, but lets just wait for some official words from Google.

Share your thoughts with us about it in the comment box below. Do you think every phone should have these improvements?

VIA: SlashGear