Layar 5.0 Adds Discovery and Sharing Options to Popular AR Browser

Layar saw version 5.0 of their popular augmented reality (AR) browser hit the Android Market earlier this week, adding new features while also improving on the existing stuff. This latest release includes a streamlined user interface, improvements to social networking integration, and new layers with animation. These new capabilities should make for a more engaging and friendly experience, something the developers are striving for.

“This year we are continuing to look for more ways to bring augmented reality into people’s everyday lives,” said Raimo Van der Klein. “With today’s new version, we’re able to take a huge step closer towards that goal by giving users the chance to discover exciting new content and share cool layers and augmented screenshots with friends.”

Layar 5.0 Features:

  • Share with Friends: Connect to Layar with your Facebook or Twitter account and share your favorite layer or augmented screenshot within your social networks.
  • Experience and Interact with Animated objects: Users have more interaction with layers and developers can add event-driven animations to points of interest.
  • Explore with Improved Navigation: Easily find your way around different types of augmented reality layers with the completely revamped user interface, offering a four-tab navigation consisting of: favorite layers, recent layers, categories/featured content, and settings.

Layar 5.0 works on all Android devices running 1.5 or higher and can be downloaded for free in the Android Market.