LG Flip II Photo Leaks for T-Mobile

Thanks to yet another a leaked image from Pocketnow, we have what looks to be the LG Flip II for T-Mobile. If this phone looks (and sounds) familiar that’s because UK Orange showed an image of this device back in June. Based on the arrival of these new pictures, the phone seems to be nearing a launch.

The LG Flip II has a very unique design, a QWERTY slider with a split keyboard that hosts a small screen between the two sets of keys. A leaked T-Mobile road-map found in May had pegged a September 14th launch for this model number although, at the time, we didn’t anticipate it being Android-related.

Does this new form-factor look usable? Or do you think it will flop like the Kyocera Echo? Leave your comments below.

Source: Tmo News | Pocketnow