Logitech Harmony Link Turns Android Device into Smartest Remote in the Room

Logitech announced yet another device capable of pairing with Android smart phones and tablets today in the Harmony Link.  Whereas speakers and keyboards are a nice way to spruce up your general Android experience, this new Wi-Fi device can turn your phone  into a fully-feature and functional remote control.  Much like the Harmony One remote does today, the Harmony Link makes it so that you can put away all those separate remotes.  Your Android handset has got this under control.

Using the famous Harmony technology, users will be able to select activities such as “Watch a Movie” or “Watch a DVD”, letting the app take things from there.  Programmed ahead of time, this would change the television channel/input, toggle the audio receiver, and bring up new controls which vary depending on scenario.  Although the Harmony Link will play nicer with the iPad at launch, it will still deliver complete control to up to eight devices in your entertainment system.


Expect to see the Harmony Link to hit shelves in October with a suggested $99 retail price.