Look out Twitch, YouTube is looking to take over video game streaming

YouTube is taking on Twitch, a live TV source for watching video games, head on starting today August 26th. YouTube was the first to bring us video-sharing back in 2005 and has since changed the way we watch videos, but it definitely missed the boat when it came to streaming video gaming.

Twitch on the other hand, launched in 2011 and brought live video game streaming to the masses. In just 3 years, Twitch grew exponentially, and was purchased in 2014 by Amazon for $970 million dollars. Google may have missed the boat early on, but is now set to take on Twitch with its own live video game streaming service called YouTube Gaming. Google definitely has the advantage when it comes to being able to handle mass loads of viewers at one time, with their massive server farms built up over the years. Google should have no issues when it comes to streaming in HD.

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Growing up in the 80’s, I can remember antennas and getting up to change the TV channel. When video games like Atari and Nintendo came along, I jumped on that bandwagon like most kids, and never thought I would rather watch video games than play them myself. I remember always calling “next” when playing my friends in games like Street Fighter. Times change quickly.

Twitch receives over 100m viewers per month, so people clearly love to watch and chat about video games. In reality, I guess it isn’t too far removed from watching a football or baseball game; if you’re interested why not watch others who are great at what they do.


Some of the new features included with YouTube Gaming are:

  • Automatically pulls in all gaming-related videos and live streams from
    YouTube to one dedicated place.
  • Viewers get personalized gaming recommendations based on the games and
    channels they collect. With over 25,000 game pages and even more gaming
    channels, it’s never been easier to connect with your gaming community.
  • 60fps live streaming
  • DVR functionality so you can pause, rewind, and speed up if need be.

Let us know if you like Twitch better than YouTube Gaming.