Microsoft vs Motorola “The War Rages On”

Motorola vs Microsoft and Microsoft vs Motorola The war rages on with the two corporate giants.
Ok let me catch you up if you don’t know the two (Microsoft/Motorola) are in a lawsuit war “I sue you then you sue me” over various trademark/patent infringements and Android was in the middle of the last one. Our Android OS is left out of this one. Moto seems not to be backing down to one of the biggest players in the ballpark.The latest news:
Motorola Mobility has filed lawsuits in both Florida and Wisconsin against Microsoft, claiming infringement of at least sixteen patents by Microsoft.
According to Motorola patents involve software related to the  digital video coding, email technology including Exchange, Messenger just to name a few.
Xbox related patents involve digital video coding, WiFi technology, and graphical passwords all used without license from Motorola. Now who new Motorola was in the X-box? There is some money in that, huh.
This may go on for months and months, who knows.