Microsoft to reportedly invest in popular startup Cyanogen Inc.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is to invest about $70 million dollars into Cyanogen Inc. Many of you I am sure are familiar with the popular ROM CyanogenMod project that was started by software developer Steve Kondik back in 2009 that went on to become a huge success. Cyanogen Inc. was created as a way to make the ROM more accessible to more people and runs CyanogenMod as its OS.

Though what makes this report so interesting, if it is in fact true, is that Microsoft would be investing directly in one of its competitors. CyanogenMod is still a modified version of Android which Microsoft has been competing with for quite some time using their Windows Phone mobile devices. The Wall Street Journal states that neither Microsoft or CyanogenMod replied to their inquires pertaining to the investment so we can only wait and see until things are made official or denied. For more information regarding Microsoft’s investment please use the link below.


Source: Wall Street Journal

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