Mio to Launch 4.7-inch Internet and Navigation Device with Android

mio_buddyMio Technology has announced that a new version of their MiBuddy internet and navigation device will be, you guessed it, Android-based.   This 4.7″ unit will be a Mobile Internet Navigation Device (MIND) and will incorporate web browsing and feature a physical keyboard that slides out from below.  The MiBuddy will function as a GPS device while in the car, but can also pull double duty as a personal navigator and internet browser.  Additional specs include a built-in microphone, speaker and media player.

Pricing and geographic availability has yet to be revealed, but the device is slated for a 2010 release.  It’s interesting to note that Mio had been exclusively using Windows CE as the operating system for their products up until now.  Not only is Android eating into Microsoft’s smart phone market, but it’s now taking away from other markets too!  Mio does plan to continue use of WinCE for the rest of their line up.

Current MiBuddys use Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system exclusively. Windows CE will continue to be offered for the next generation MiBuddys coming out next year, in addition to Android.   MiBuddy includes WiFi and Bluetooth, but the next-gen units will also feature support for WiMax.

Source: PC World