Mobiles Republic Releases APPY Geek for Tech Enthusiasts Everywhere

Mobiles Republic (News Republic, Biz Report)  has released a new Android app designed for your inner (and outer) technology enthusiast.   The application is called APPY Geek and it’s available in both smart phone and tablet format.

What might look like a simple RSS aggregation app is actually a much smarter way to stay on top of the news that matters most to you.  APPY Geek licenses news from more than 70 partners and pulls in thousands of daily posts to deliver you immediate, relevant news.  Create your own feeds and set priorities, share across social networking, and set up alerts to hit you with breaking news.  Over time, the more you use APPY Geek, the better it works.  As the app learns your likes and preferences, it results in a continually improved experience.

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher!

To help generate a bit of interest, Mobile Republic is tossing out a pair of $50 Amazon gift vouchers.  The contest is simple to enter and runs through the end of August.  All you have to do to submit an entry is to tweet the following:

@Appy_Geek is an app for tech enthusiasts Android RT to play for free Amazon vouchers.

Winners will be notified via Twitter at the end of the month!