Moto G coming soon to Verizon Wireless?

Motorola recently revealed the budget version of the Moto X, known as the Moto G. It’s a decent device and it was made available in November by Motorola it self, as it could be purchased from their official site. Now it seems Moto G will be launched by one of the largest US mobile phone network – Verizon Wireless. A Google+ user known as Josue Joseph, who apparently works at Best Buy, shared a picture of a Moto G in Verizon retail packaging.

verizonmotogAlso the guys says that “it looks like it is going for $100” , however no words on the release date. So it seems that Best Buy is getting their shelves ready, and we might see the Verizon Moto G – without any contract – with in a matter of days.

Are you looking forward to grab one?

Source: G+