Motorola Atrix 2 Leaked, Looks Promising

Earlier this year, AT&T released Motorola‘s first ever dual-core device known as the Motorola Atrix. Then in July, some shots of a Motorola prototype device leaked and was soon labeled as the successor to the Atrix. Now our friends over at BGR have managed to get their hands on what appears to be the final version of what we’ve been calling the “Atrix 2,” and it now seems to be carrying the AT&T branding at the bottom of the device instead of top.

The device still has no official name at the moment but if we call it the “Atrix 2,” no one’s going to complain, right? As for specs, all we can tell you is that the device will come with a dual-core processor and it will either be a 1.2 or 1.5 GHz TI OMAP. The “Atrix 2” will also comes with an 8-MP camera that’s capable of recording video in 1080p and will be running Android 2.3.5. It’s also safe to say this device will most likely feature AT&T’s 4G powers.

Still no word on when this Motorola bad-boy is going to hit the shelves but rumors have it out somewhere around Thanksgiving. The “Atrix 2” really looks sexy and I am sure that it will be an amazing successor to the original. Any Motorola fans out there excited about a possible Atrix successor? What would you like to see in this device or are you waiting for something else? Check out another pic below and let us know what you think.