Motorola reportedly prepping 6.3-inch Xplay, Droid Quantum for 2014

Motorola could be ready to introduce a 6.3-inch Xplay device in 2014, or so says a “reliable” Weibo source. There’s little known about this honker other than it should debut sometime in 2014 and that it will rival the biggest of smartphones. Given that LG, HTC, and Sony have joined Samsung in the 5-inch and beyond club we should expect Motorola to do the same. In other words, this should not surprise us.

Also on the horizon, allegedly, is a Droid Quantum. Set to be a Droid Ultra successor, this one is also rumored for the new year. Given that the Droid Ultra is but a few months old we shouldn’t get too excited just yet. Then again, the name sounds like something we might expect out of Motorola and/or Verizon. Maybe someone got a leg up on development and knows something others don’t. We’ve got CES coming up in January and that seems a logical place to introduce one or both of the rumored devices.