Motorola’s “Derivative Version” of Android

moto_logoThe MOTODEV podcast popped up in my Google Listen “Android” search results today, and I heard something really interesting in this week’s edition. Jason Warren, part of Motorola‘s software product management team, talked about the Cliq and in general about what Moto is doing with Android. He said the Cliq is “the first device that’s running the first version of not only Motoblur, but also the first version of our derivative version of Android.” He went on to say that “it’ll be great to get developers … using some of the new APIs we’ve added on top of what’s in Cupcake.”

I’d been under the impression that Motoblur was just UI that sits on top of standard-issue Cupcake, but Jason makes pretty clear that Motorola is using its own tweaked build of Android itself, Motoblur notwithstanding.

It almost sounded like apps developed for Moto-flavored Android might not work with other flavors. I checked in with MOTODEV on Twitter and they assured me that “we created a derivative that is 100% compatible with the ‘reference’ vers. of Android.

The rest of the podcast is worth a listen as well, covering why Motorola chose the Android basket to put all its eggs in, along with a hard pitch to developers on why they should be writing apps for Android.

They also mentioned that Motoblur’s email client has a lot more flexibility as far as attaching a variety of file types to emails than the standard Android email app.

The podcast is an official organ of Moto’s developer outreach site.