Mplayit: “‘How Many Apps?’ is Wrong Question

I show my G1 off to a lot of people.  I love to wow them with cool apps like Google Sky Map, Plink Art, and Shop Savy.  Invariably the question comes up, “How many apps are there for that phone?”  Thanks to Apple’s marketing efforts, consumers have been brainwashed into thinking quantity trumps quality.  Fortunately, we have people in places like Mplayit who are doing their part to show that the number of apps means nothing to casual users.

“‘How many apps?’ is the wrong question,” said Michael Powers, CEO and founder of Mplayit.  “People just want to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 different to-do list apps on iPhone, because Android or BlackBerry just need a couple of good ones to make consumers happy.”

I couldn’t agree more.  There are already a ton of “crapplications” in the Android Market that I just skip over as I look for better titles.  I couldn’t imagine having to cut through 4-5 times the volume.  Android apps are getting better all the time, adding more features and polish to them.  I’m very satisfied with where we are today in terms of apps, especially as many of the popular iPhone titles get ported over.  Often these apps pick up additional features thanks to Android’s capabilities.

Does anyone really see the Android Market limited in terms of selection?  Leave a comment below!