New details confirm Verizon’s plans to offer shared data packages

New details have emerged which confirm that Verizon is getting closer to announcing shared data plans.  You know what we’re talking about here – a bucket of data that can be shared across multiple devices or users.  Much like the way we divvied up minutes in the mid-00’s, we’re soon going to be able to split up data over more than one handset or tablet.  Rumors got started back in December when Verizon indicated that they were ready to bring such an idea to market in 2012.

Tech site Engadget recently received a leaked image and some details from one of their readers who advises that we’ll soon be able to add-on devices to main data plan.  In other words we’ll have a our normal data bucket for Device A and the a $10 fee for Device B, Device C, and so on.  Rather than a $30 (or more) fee to deal with for every internet-enabled product you own, it would be much cheaper to go about it this way.

Think about for a moment… One data plan of $30 a month for your smartphone, plus another one for your tablet… and another one for your son or daughter… and so on.  It stands to reason that Verizon could rope in a ton of new customer if they told you that one could share their internet with the phone and tablet. Without a tethering plan or new contract.

How many times have you tried to sell someone on the idea of an Android phone or tablet only to be told it was too expensive in the long run?  Can you think of anyone who might buy a tablet or second smartphone if the data plan/options were better?