New Moto Nexus details come to light with leaked render

Yesterday we reported a rumor from Android Authority that talked about the release dates of upcoming Nexus devices and Android L. The other day we discussed an article from WSJ outlining an upcoming tablet from HTC. Today, we bring to you an exclusive from 9to5Google giving details about the Moto Nexus device that’s been rumored about for months now.

They say that they can confirm that this device will indeed be a phablet with a huge 5.92″ screen, and essentially will look like a stretched out Moto X (2014). Other specs they give are a QHD screen (2560 X 1440, 498 PPI), a 3,200 mAh battery, a 13 MP camera with 4K UHD recording capabilities on the back, 2 MP on the front, a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and at least one storage option of 32 GB.

They do say while they are sure this is smartphone that will come out, they can’t necessarily say it’s not the only smartphone that will come from Google this year, and that there’s a likelihood that a 5.2″ device will come out.

Stay tuned as the release of these Nexus devices draws nearer, we’ll report any new details that emerge.

via 9to5Google