New photos suggest QWERTY-packin’ Droid 5 on horizon


New photos of a Motorola smartphone with Verizon branding have surfaced this weekend, promptly bring about talks of a Droid 5. Shown with a 5-row QWERTY keyboard, the phone looks every bit like the first few generations of Droid.

It’s not clear how large the display is for this device however it certainly appears to be bigger than its predecessors; the screen is nearly edge to edge with a thin bezel.


Other details picked up in the photos include the 4G LTE support – no surprise, as well as a large coil on the rear. Most likely this is indication of a wireless charging capability, something the earlier Droids lacked.

Given Verizon just began offering a new trio of Droid models it is hard to forecast when we might see this particular unit. On the other hand, it’s a QWERTY so it is unlike anything else that Verizon has from Motorola. Perhaps a Droid Q or Droid Slide is in order?

Are you excited by the prospect of a powerful QWERTY phone on Verizon? What other specifications would you like to see?

via New Cell Phones blog