New tidibits for HTC One X+ uncovered ahead of next week’s press event

A few more tidbits for the HTC One X+ have made their way online, this time courtesy of our friends over at HTC Source.  According to one of their insiders, the handset will have an identical appearance to its predecessor save for the fact that it might be a smidge thicker.

Powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the HTC device will come with Sense 4.5 UI, a slight tweak on the custom user experience.  Rather than reworking the entire HTC interface, things are reportedly only minor changes to existing apps.  As an example, the source advises the gallery app is updated to allow images from third parties such as Flickr and Facebook.

It is said that the T-Mobile version of the One X+ has been delayed however it’s no clear whether it was scrapped altogether. The HTC One X+ may come in 16GB and 32GB flavors for whatever carriers offer the handset.

Ending things on a bit of a downer the HTC Source tipster tells us that the phone will not be ready for the middle of October.  Still, that doesn’t mean you cannot announce the phone and promise carrier support in the coming weeks.  Heck, Motorola announced two phones last week that don’t even have dates yet.