Newly discovered Samsung patent hints at metal future for Galaxy devices


One of the most common complaints or knocks against the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the decision to use a plastic case and battery cover. When compared to the HTC One and other devices from LG and Sony, the Galaxy series of smartphones feel “cheap” or “generic”. That problem may soon go away; a newly discovered patent suggests that Samsung could turn to metal or aluminum for future models.

The patent, which was filed in 2011 (February 2012 in the US), indicates that Samsung could opt for a more angular and sturdy design language for an upcoming smartphone. To be clear, this is not proof positive that the Galaxy S5 will employ this form factor or use metal components. The patent only tells us that Samsung may opt for this look and build.

To add to the argument, we have heard before that Samsung may opt for aluminum or something stronger for the next-generation the Galaxy S line. As one of the only knocks in the line of Samsung phones, the plastic could become a thing of the past.

PatentBolt via CNET