Nexus One Launching In Korea on June 21st With Froyo Pre-Installed

Attention Koreans! Korea’s number two carrier, KT, is set to launch Google’s Nexus One in retail stores on June 21st.  Yes folks, this is the same Nexus One we all know and love, except for one BIG difference-the handset will have Froyo pre-installed!  Koreans will be able to experience all the goodness which is Android 2.2! Interestingly, the phone will be subsidized by KT ($125 USD on a two-year contract) as well as be sold contract free for $576 USD.  KT has said that the Nexus One will be available with Android 2.2 for purchase in retail stores in July.

Does this mean Android 2.2 is almost ready? Will the Nexus One be launching in T-Mobile corporate stores soon? I really hope we get all we want very soon! Oh, and let’s also hope for those subsidized prices too!