Will Nokia Go Android?

On a recent conference call discussing their Q4 2010 performance, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that “there are multiple ecosystem patterns that need to be considered” as they move forward, one of several remarks in the call that analysts are interpreting as a sign that Nokia may abandon Symbian and the as-yet-unseen MeeGo and instead begin producing Android-powered smartphones.

Though Nokia is still a huge force, it’s smartphone marketshare has fallen precipitously over the past year. Still, a switch to Android would be an about-face. As recently as last November, they were insisting otherwise. And it’s certainly possible that if they make a change, they could choose another platform, like Windows Phone 7, instead of or in addition to Android, especially given their new CEO’s history with Microsoft.

Elop teased that we’d learn more about their future direction next month, so we may learn more very soon, perhaps coming out of Mobile World Congress. For more on the earnings call, take a look at Brian S. Hall’s detailed (and entertaining) analysis of it.

I personally would love to see our favorite OS released on some solid Nokia hardware, but what do you think? An exciting possibility or not a big deal?

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