OnePlus introduces StyleSwap Covers for the upcoming One

Yet again, OnePlus is releasing another little detail on its upcoming One smartphone.  However, recent announcements have mainly dealt with hardware specs, battery, and the screen, this announcement deals with aesthetics.

The One will have “StyleSwap” covers, which will allow the user to customize the look of  their device.  The only picture we have is from OnePlus’ forum, as seen above, which seems to have a silk, sandstone, denim, bamboo, and kevlar options.  OnePlus is really pushing their “Never Settle” campaign, by making a smartphone that is customizable from software to design.  The company hasn’t released any details on price or availability, but we hope they keep them affordable and readily available at launch.

I hope that all this hype OnePlus is generating for the One actually comes to light in the second quarter this year. Which cover are you looking forward to?