Open, Review, and Pay for Tabs with TabbedOut

TabbedOut is a mobile application developed by ATX Innovation that is looking to redefine the the hospitality sector.  First released on the iPhone platform, the app allows patrons of bars and restaurants to open, review, and pay for tabs.  Think of it as Google Checkout for restaurants and bars where you can use a stored credit card to make payments without the need to bring your wallet along.

Co-founder and CTO of ATX, David Lemley, attributes the new Android app to the popularity of its older iPhone counterpart.  TabbedOut is now available for free in the Android Market, however it’s not for everyone.  Currently, TabbedOut venues  are only found in Austin & Dallas, TX and Chico, CA.  Not to worry though as TabbedOut is hoping for a nationwide rollout.

“Having completed development with our first national partner, Future POS, we are focused on taking TabbedOut to a national audience,” said Rick Orr, co-founder and CEO. “TabbedOut has proven to be very popular with thousands of users waiting for us to bring the service to their city. We now feel that our product and channels are ready to rapidly expand to meet consumer demand.”

If you have downloaded TabbedOut please leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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