Parallell Kingdom turns three years old, celebrates with new features

One of the first Android titles we ever downloaded to our T-Mobile G1, Parallel Kingdom, has turned three years old. With more than 750,000 players from around the world, the location-based, real-world, MMORPG has become one of those games we love to revisit every so often.  It appears we need to go back and check it out once again as the game has introduced several new features and options, adding to the game’s overall value.

Available now, Parallel Kingdom 4.1.12 sees the introduction of five new levels, new menus and graphics, additional paths and skill specializations, and much more.  Download it for free on your Android 1.5 device and up, including most tablets.


Parallel Kingdom Celebrates Third Anniversary by Introducing Dark Monolith

New Levels and Features Deliver Greater Depth and Difficulty to More Than 750,000 Players Worldwide

MADISON, WI, OCTOBER 31, 2011 – PerBlue, developer of Parallel Kingdom, a free-to-play massively multiplayer role playing game, today celebrated its third anniversary with the introduction of a range of new features that enhance gameplay for its more than 750,000 players worldwide. Starting tomorrow, November 1, players in Parallel Kingdom can join forces to take down Dark Monoliths, randomly spawning structures that can appear anywhere in the world. Destruction of these Dark Monoliths will deliver tens of thousands of bricks to the winning Kingdom.

The Dark Monoliths are the latest of several new elements PerBlue has added to the game leading up to its third anniversary. Other enhancements include:

  • New levels – Five new levels have been added to provide players with more opportunity to earn new items and become more powerful. Players leveling up earn a Gem, either Emerald, Ruby or Diamond which can be traded for Food or Gold.
  • Sunken Cities – The biggest and most complex dungeons in Parallel Kingdom history, players find Sunken Cities in oceans. Players travel through the dungeon, battling monsters and mini-bosses until they reach the largest, most terrifying monster to threaten a Google Map.
  • Reinvention of Cities – Players can now govern and grow cities by becoming mayors. Providing a new opportunity to earn City Coins. The reinvention of Cities creates a new social element to Parallel Kingdom.
  • Redesigned user interface for mobile – Both Android and iOS versions have been completely redesigned with sleek new graphics and menus.
  • New skills and specializations – Level 10+ players now have seven additional paths for skill specialization. New specializations allow players to advance their gameplay in accordance with their preferences.

“After three years of gameplay, the dedication and enthusiasm of Parallel Kingdom players has only grown. Players have continually celebrated each new opportunity and challenge we introduce, keeping our team of developers on their toes and inspiring us to craft new features that add depth to the game,” said Justin Beck, co-founder and CEO of PerBlue. “Creating a fantasy game set in the real world means inspiration is everywhere we turn. The latest updates to Parallel Kingdom add complexity and customization that we hope our players embrace.”

Parallel Kingdom is a location-based MMORPG. Players claim territory in their real location, and rise through levels opening up new skills and layers of customization. Parallel Kingdom is available as a mobile app (iOs and Android) and an entirely new world was launched last year on the Web.

The Dark Monoliths will begin spawning on November 1, 2011; all other features are currently available. To visit the Dark Monolith, players purchase tickets from Monks and then it’s a race between Kingdoms to destroy the structures. As players damage the Dark Monolith they earn points. Conversely, as players die, points are lost. The amount of bricks won is determined by the number of Kingdoms racing to destroy the Dark Monolith.

About Parallel Kingdom and PerBlue
Parallel Kingdom is a free-to-play location-based, massively multiplayer role playing game for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and the Web. Now in its third year, Parallel Kingdom’s 750,000 users embark on adventures claiming real-world territory from their own backyard and beyond. Players hunt Monsters, gather resources, engage with others, and earn new capabilities to achieve greater levels of play. The game is mapped to the familiar Google Maps interface, overlaid with Parallel Kingdom’s game features.

PerBlue, the maker of Parallel Kingdom, is a privately-held mobile and social gaming company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information, visit