Path adds camera lens effects to Android application

Path, seemingly capitalizing on Instagram’s recent Android success, has added camera lens effects to its Android application.  The 2.1.5 release of the “smart journal”  now allows for an assortment of lens options, including Ansel, Country, Lomo, and Pro. This feature brings the Android version one step closer to matching the iOS counterpart and works in a manner unlike Instagram.  Rather than applying an effect after the picture is taken, these lenses let you see how things will look, in real-time.

Don’t go looking at Path as an alternative to Instagram and other photo editing tools.  This one is much more than that as it allows for sharing of thoughts, music, and other stuff across Path and your favorite social networks.  Take a look at the new features from v2.1.5 alone and you’ll get a sense as to how rich the Path experience truly can be.

  • New Design — Path has been re-imagined with a brand new design and new types of stories.
  • Covers — Decorate your Path with a unique and beautiful photo– a wallpaper for your Path!
  • Automatic — A journal that writes itself, Path recognizes when you spend time in a new neighborhood or visit a new city and records it for you automatically.
  • Music — Share what you’re listening to with your Path friends.
  • Sleep — Record your sleep schedule with your Path. (Path automatically tallies the number of hours you’ve slept!)
  • Check-ins — Let your friends know where you are through Place Stories on Path. And if you like, check-in on foursquare too!
  • Private — Keeping any post private is a simple option, or you can just share with your friends on Path.
  • Notifications — Receive better push notifications to your Android device.
  • Sharing — Post easily to Facebook and foursquare directly from Path.

Download Path for Android from Google Play.