Pinterest for Android may finally be announced at Google I/O

The popular website Pinterest has been noticeably absent for Android users for some time. Now, according to reports, we may be seeing an appearance by the online giant at Google I/O, and users are excited to hear it.

Pinterest is officially one of the sandbox attendees listed for Google I/O this week, and its pretty safe to say they wouldn’t be attending if they didn’t really have something to announce. While Pinterest has responded to speculation saying they are “excited about the Android platform and are working hard on building a great app. However, we don’t have plans to announce anything @ I/O”, this editor is guessing that they’re merely trying to keep things under wraps.

Just Sunday, Ausdroid reported the fact that Pinterest was slated to be at I/O. In that very article, the screenshot that was snagged by Ausdroid shows Pinterest as “now available for Android”:

While this is all speculation at this point, we find it pretty likely that pinterest is trying to save up the hype for the conference itself. Their response, as always, is:

We’re working on a dedicated Android app. We know lots of folks are eager to see one, so when we feel we’re in the final stages of its development, we’ll be sure to share more information.

via pcmag | ausdroid