Playing Catch Up?

tmoblackSo… it’s clear to many of us (especially given that they’re the only provider in the U.S. offering android phones at the moment) that T-Mobile has being playing a bit of catch-up to get their 3G network up and running. This has just left me sad and disappointed being that I’m a T-Mobile customer… as are the rest of you U.S. Android users.

The biggest surprise in all of this is that T-Mobile has consistently proven itself to be a leader when it comes to smartphones in general. In offering BlackBerries, any number of Window Mobile devices or their very own Sidekick, T-Mobile has demonstrated that it gets it. It understands the role that these phones will play in the future of mobile communications and beyond. That’s why it’s been so surprising that they haven’t had better coverage on their 3G network.

Now as for me, I’m one of these guys who have to aim about twelve times before I’ll fire. Everything has to be just so-so and I have to be confidant that I’ve got all my bases covered. So the way I see it, you would want to make sure you had the best network in place before you put the best phones out there. Well as I said… T-Mobile has proven that it gets it and we just got more proof of that recently.

My guess has long been that T-Mobile’s late-to-the-game thing had to do with the fact that they were trying to be prepared for the next next-generation network and recently, I’m very proud to say, they proved me right. T-Mobile announced that they are planning to roll out their new 21Mbps HSDPA 3G coverage in 2010. That’s right… this means the T-Mobile data network will be nearly three times faster than AT&T’s service at only 7.2Mbps. I wonder what this will mean our beloved Android phones. The network with the most commitment to Android with the fastest data network… I like!

It looks like T-Mobile, unsurprisingly, has been less interested in playing catch-up and more focused on playing a little leap frog.