PlayR2 Releases Android App, Saves Gamers Money

This one only applies to our friends across the pond, as we’ve just gotten wind of a new application that aims to save gamers a bit of money when purchasing video games and consoles. The app works much like ShopSavvy, with a built-in barcode scanner. Users can scan games and consoles, and compare store prices with those online, which helps ensure that they’re getting the best deal. The prices that users see are broken down by new, used,  and trade-in items. There’s also a general search feature, so users can search for specific game titles.

The app is available via the Android Market for UK users, and you can download it by using the box below. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you like (or don’t like) about the PlayR2 app! The full press release can also be found after the break.



[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]Gaming Marketplace Launches New Smartphone App to Save Gamers Money

A new Smartphone application has today been launched by a gaming marketplace and price comparison site; aiming to help gamers save money on their purchases wherever possible.

Gaming fans around the UK now have a new Smartphone app to ensure they are clinching the best deals on their video game purchases, as the new gaming marketplace launches its accompanying app to iPhone and Android users.

100% free to download and use, the Playr2 Smartphone application helps gamers find the best prices on video games and consoles when out and about on the high street; accompanying the functions that can be found on the website.

The Playr2 app can be used by gamers to compare prices of games and console bundles in-store, with those that can be found across the web. The application features a barcode scanner that allows users to scan in a video game or console bundle; which will then directly compare the product price with prices available online in a simple price-comparison chart, ensuring that gamers know where they can clinch the best deal.

The results displayed in the price comparison chart show gamers prices for new, used and trade-in versions on the games or console bundles they have in mind; giving a full picture of where the best prices can be found. The app also displays price results for games currently listed on the Playr2 marketplace, where members can buy, sell or swap games with other site users.

As well as price-comparison, the barcode scanner also presents users with immediate access to information and reviews of the product in question; with users able to scan in and save multiple items on the app at a time, should they wish to revisit information.

Users can also use the Playr2 app to manually search for titles that they wish to add to their collection, without using the barcode scanning function. Should users wish to make a purchase of any of the items listed through the app, they will be redirected to the mobile-optimised Playr2 website; through which they will be directed straight to the buying page of their chosen game.

The Playr2 App is available on iPhone and Android platforms and is 100% free to download and use. Since launching in June of this year, the website has so far helped thousands of gamers find the best prices for their favourite products.

Simon Kilby, Founder of the Playr2 App, commented on the launch:

“Having launched the Playr2 website just a few months ago, we were really looking forward to launch of the Smartphone app; as we aim to help gamers clinch the best deals whether they’re online or out and about in-store. We’re really excited about what the app can do, particularly the barcode scanner function that allows people to find price comparison information within seconds; and we’re certain that it’ll help people find the best prices as easily as possible.

He continued:

“We’re very proud of the fact that the Playr2 App is 100% free to download and use, as saving money for gaming fans is extremely important to us. Video games and consoles can be pricey, but with the Playr2 App, we can help gamers save the pennies wherever possible!”