Plugbook could be a blogger’s best friend

It’s not often that we write about Kickstarter projects, especially twice in one day.  But, hey, what are you gonna do about it?  We’ve just learned of a project that has ten days left on it but is just a little over halfway to goal.  It’s called Plugbook and it looks like my new best friend.

Designed with two USB chargers and two traditional outlets, the Plugbook gives users up to ten feet of extension cable.  Only need to use a extra foot or two?  No problem.  Gotta charge up the phone, tablet, and digital camera before leaving the office?  Done.  As someone who carries around multiple devices on a regular basis, this is the type of gadget that would find a welcome spot on my bookshelf.

The Kickstarter project runs through June 24th and is taking support in the $25+ range.  For that much money you will get a Plugbook in your choice (Black  or White) and free shipping to USA or Europe.   Pledge $35 and get yours in Encyclopedia Red! Of course you could get benevolent and buy a pair of them for $45, giving one to dad for Father’s Day.  He might not have a tablet, but he’s probably got a drill!