The Power of Anonymous; or Who Will Protect the Developer?

All of us who have apps on the Android Market have also experienced down-voting, spam and ugly comments. I think I just about nailed the worst case scenario. Here’s the scoop.
I have a fairly new app on the market “Credit Cards.” It’s basically a wrapper for an XML API provided, let me assure you, by a reputable company. The app is new so every comment and every vote really counts.  The last comment from user Scott in big-bold-all-capital letters accuses my app of being a “PHISHING SCAM!!!” For the app that lets user research and apply for a credit card this is a serious problem – it will definitely spook away some potential users.
Unfortunately, there’s no one to complain to. Yes, I marked the comment as spam as a last resort. It may not be spam, maybe Scott just hates credit cards.  I really have no other choice though.  Now – this action only removes the comment from my view and I really doubt that Google will ever pay attention. And I think this really, really sucks given amount of effort and creativity that goes into these apps.

So do you guys have any suggestions? Yes, I’ve posted complaints to  the Android market help forums, but I’m not very hopeful. What is your experience with Android Market comments and votes?  Can we,  as community,  influence or change anything? Or should we?

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