QuickOffice Updated for Honeycomb.

Readwriteweb.com is reporting that QuickOffice, the mobile software suite that allows users to manipulate and edit documents on their mobile devices, has been updated to work on Google’s Honeycomb version of its mobile OS, and will be shipping a free trial version on the Xoom tablet, as well as many other devices.  The article from RWW goes on to talk about how quickly QuickOffice developed the Honeycomb version of it’s suite: it only took them two months!  A quote from the article:

To roll out its Honeycomb app this quickly, Quickoffice actually had to sent its developers straight to Google’s headquarters where they worked on the new app during the months of January and February.

That is a pretty fast rollout.  If you have this app on your Xoom, let us know what you think.  Check out the video below to see the app in action.