RadioTime Streams 30,000 AM/FM and Internet-only Stations

Have you ever found yourself out of town and wanting to listen to your local radio station from back home? If your favorite station is owned by ClearChannel, iheartradio does the trick.  But what about those thousand of other stations from around the country?  How does one tune into them? RadioTime, silly.

RadioTime provides access to over 30,000 AM/FM and internet-only stations.  As some of might know, many channel broadcast their station online using Windows Media streaming format.  RadioTime is the first Android application to support this format and presents these stations to users regardless of location.  Nearby stations are found by using the phone’s GPS capability but users can also search by genre, network, radio personality, or topic.  Also available are live sports, news, weather, and scanners.

RadioTime is available for $2.99 in the Android Market and runs on any handset with Android 1.5 or higher.  If you’d like to learn more, head to the RadioTime site for Android.

Android RadioTime from RadioTime on Vimeo.