Recycle, Share, and Earn Discounts with RecyclePix

You’re a good citizen, right? You pick up trash from the street, hold doors for elderly folks, and floss twice a day… don’t you? Well, let’s hope you at least recycle aluminum cans or plastic bottles. You do? Awesome. How about a reward or two for your efforts? Perhaps a free pizza or taco every once in a while. Greenopolis, a subsidiary of Waste Management, has released a social recycling app, RecyclePix, into the Android Market which does exactly that.

Users are asked to take pictures of themselves and/or their friends recycling and share them across Facebook or Twitter. Doing so will net them some Greenopolis points when are eventually redeemed as real-world goodies such as discounts at Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, and Marriott Hotels. For instance, each picture uploaded to RecyclePix is good for 10 points with another 15 points for sharing with friends. Hit 100 points and you’ve got a Buy-One-Get-One taco at Taco Bell! For those of you with a more refined palate, you can earn 20% off your entire bill at participating seafood and steak houses.

RecyclePix by Greenopolis is a free download for any Android smart phone running 1.6 or higher.