Red HTC One Max shows up in a promotional poster

HTC One Max was released recently by HTC as their new flagship device, and also as a competitor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. To be honest, both devices are great and if you end up with either of them, I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. Although having a choice in color is a great option, no? We have seen the HTC One in Red, Blue, White and Black, and we would like to the see the same love for the HTC One Max, and it seems its going to happen as a screenshot is leaked which is hinting towards a HTC One Max in red color.

redhtconemaxaamTaiwanese carrier Far EasTone used a picture of ‘red’ HTC One Max in their promotional poster, and as we have seen both HTC One and One mini in red, we might see the One Max in red color as well. Samsung today released three new colors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so to keep the competition strong, HTC should make some moves.

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Source: GSMArena