Reuters: Google to introduce new Nexus 7, may lower price


Google will introduce a next-generation of the Nexus 7 tablet, possibly with a lower price tag, according to Reuters.  Reportedly, Asus will be the hardware partner of choice however the processor will come from Qualcomm instead of NVIDIA. The details match up with previous rumors that Google would swap out the CPU maker.

Google may choose to sell the new gadget for $199, the same as the first generation rolled out last June, while the old model may be discounted, one of the sources said. Alternatively, the new tablet could be priced more competitively at $149 and the previous model discontinued, the source added.

With Google I/O 2013 just a little over a month from now, we might hear more about the next-gen tablet. If Google expects to release the tablet in July, it is possible that the Nexus 7 could take stage at the annual developer event.