Rumor: Google Working on Nexus Tablet?

There is an interesting rumor/line of thought from an article over at, talking about some conversations and rumors the author has heard concerning the idea that LG is working with Google to release a “Nexus Tablet”, branded by Google itself.  The reason the rumors are floating around it seems is because we have not seen the full honeycomb experience yet, and there is conjecture that we will when this Nexus Tablet releases.  It is plausible to imagine that Google has some functionality in Honeycomb that we have not seen yet, whether or not it is because they have been holding said functionality back may be a bit of stretch in this writer’s opinion.

The other interesting thing that the article brings out is that the current tablets that are released without Honeycomb, cannot be legally upgraded to honeycomb.  Meaning that owners of the Galaxy Tab and the upcoming HTC Flyer will never see an official upgrade if this is the case because of licensing.  Further muddying the waters about 3.0 from Google’s statement last week saying that they will not release the source for Honeycomb as of yet.  We will see what unfolds!