RUMOR: Ice Cream Sandwich Flagship to be Google Nexus Prime?


Take this one with a grain of salt guys, but BGR is reporting that the “Android 4.0” Ice Cream Sandwich flagship device will be named the ‘Google Nexus Prime’.

They claim to have a source telling them that the device will sport a Super AMOLED HD display, and we all know what company uses those. That’s right, Samsung is rumored to be the manufacturer of this new Nexus device.

BGR is also reporting that this Nexus device won’t be the only flagship 4.0 device, with other devices from HTC, LG and Motorola, all coming at pretty much the same time. This would give credence to the other rumor of HTC and LG both working on Nexus devices (except they may not have the Nexus branding). BGR also mentioned that they will all be released on multiple carriers.

I just want to state again that this is a rumor only! Only parts of this could be true, or even none of it. Having said that, let us know what you think in the comments below. If this device comes to fruition, would you be interested? Is there anyone out there who has had the Nexus One and/or Nexus S and will be getting the successor no matter how it turns out?  You can also sound off over on our Facebook Wall!

Source: BGR