Samsung Announces Next Generation Dual-Core Processor

Samsung is no doubt one of the leading technology brands in the world and has made an amazing impact on the mobile phone market with their powerful Samsung Galaxy devices. Just last year, Samsung launched their very own-made dual-core processor known as the Orion processor a.k.a ARM Cortex A9. The Samsung Galaxy S II is powered by this powerful chip and we all know how fast and sleek the SGSII is.

Here we are again, the month of September, and Samsung is announcing a new dual-core processor, the Samsung dual-core 1.5 GHz Exynos 4212 processor. The new processor comes with 32nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) and as compared to the previous generation, this processor consumes 30% less power. We don’t have any details right now about the GPU but Samsung said that it’s 50% faster than the previous version.

Well, that announcement comes just in time for the Nexus Prime, doesn’t it? Google and Samsung are hopefully launching the Prime on Oct. 11, making it the first ever device to feature Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Some speculate that the Prime could be the first device to launch with the new Exnos processor, but it seems highly unlikely. Samsung said that they will start sampling the Exynos to select customers in Q4 2011, which means devices powered with this processor will be out somewhere in 2012 and you can expect the Galaxy S III to be featuring it.

Anyway, I am sure the Nexus Prime will feature a dual-core processor, while not the Exnos, it will be a good one. So who’s looking forward to the Nexus Prime? Drop your thoughts about the new processor in the comment box below.

Source: AndroidandMe