Samsung is committed to releasing a foldable smartphone next year

We’ve seen foldable displays demoed at tech shows for a few years, but they seemed like a thing of the future and there is still no consumer available product that utilizes a foldable screen. However, Samsung is vowing to end that and bring the future to customers now. Vice President of Samsung Display Lee Chang-hoon says, “We will secure production capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 [flexible displays each month] by the end of next year.” While that is a lot of displays, it falls far short of the millions of smartphones Samsung sells each year. This means that the foldable smartphone will only be available in a small quantity. So there goes the dreams of a flexable Galaxy S6 or Note 5. Lee also adds that while they plan on releasing a foldable device by the end of 2015, “nothing has been decided on the finished product”.

We will probably see a prototype of this device in early 2015 with the final product becoming available towards the end of next year. Of course, since this device will be produced in small numbers and will contain some of the newest screen technology, it will most likely be expensive. We all know how much the Note Edge is off-contract and its screen is only curved. Hopefully Samsung can provide customers with a foldable smartphone without ravaging their wallets.

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