Samsung Illusion Spied on on Flickr, Announcement Coming Soon?

The unannounced Samsung Illusion has been spied online, although not in the blurry “in the wild” manner that we typically see.  No, this is a high quality, promotion-ready Flickr image of the handset.  Samsung, no stranger to the game of outing phones ahead of carriers, has posted the picture to their SamsungTomorrow account.  Not a ton of information has been confirmed for this device, save that its model number is SCH-I110 and it’s expected to be part of the company’s green products initiative.

Samsung announced on September 15 that its …Illusion phone (SCH-I110) won a certificate of SPC (Sustainable Product Certification) by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the US…The SPC certificate ensures that a product concerned has passed just about any rigorous standard in relation to sustainability: without using hazardous material, high energy-efficiency, ease of lengthening a product life cycle and the maker’s “green” efforts during the whole process of manufacturing.

We’re not expecting a ton of high-end out of the Illusion, nor do we anticipate a price tag exceeding $100 with a contract.  Rumored specs have this 3G handset offering a processor in the range of 800MHz – 1GHz processor, with a 3-megapixel or 5-megapixel camera.  Look for this phone to land near the end of September, perhaps on the 29th.

Source: Electronista